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Of course I’ll do it. What time are you off?” I asked“Got to leave in about 30 minutes at about 7”“Ok, just knock before you leave and I’l... come in”“You’re a lifesaver” she said, and turned to go back to her house.30 minutes later I had collected my book and was sat on their sofa, Rowan was sat across from me, already in her night dress.“She’s had her tea,” said Jenny “in spite what she may tell you. She’s also had her bath and is ready for bed by 8:30” Her back was to Rowan who made a face at. Whilst sucking him I felt some hands touching my legs, ass and balls. My skirt was pulled right up and I felt a tongue starting to lick in and around my ass. I stood up after a few minutes determined that my date should be the 1st to fuck me - it was then I realised that there were 5 men standing around me all with their hard cocks out. He led me over to a leather sofa adjacent to the screen and I laid on my back pulling my knees up to my chest. I gave him a little tube of lube I had tucked in. . and i was now more exited i have never fucked a girl… opened my pant and removed my under wear.. and 6′ long rod came out her eyes was still shut told please don’t do any thing i will be pregnant….i did not bother and pressed my cock on her pussy she did not move in.i thought she is a virgin so may be my cock is not going in…i tried to insert my finger and my finger was also not going in.. then i searched the hole it was at the bottom part of the pussy and i was trying in the upper region …ha. I could only agree and soak up the view as she was about to be shagged by the student she had fancied for so longHe moved forward closer and taking one hand she reached back and helped guide his cock toward her hungry pussy. There was a tiny pause as his helmet met the resistance of the entrance to her vagina but a slight push led them both to groan as he slipped his pretty substantial cock into her tight pussyPlacing his hands on her hips he began to thrust back and forth and she rocked in.

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