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Youre a freak. Willys arent supposed to get that big. I guess curiosity got the better of him because he then wrapped his little hand around it and ga...e it a couple of strokes. His little hand couldnt get anywhere near round its circumference and looked tiny on it. I gasped out loud and nearly came there and then. Then he got back on the settee and resumed his position of feet up and his back against the arm rest leaving me kneeling with my magnificent erection jutting out. I was almost out of. The legging was a bit too tight and showed the cutest cameltoe I had ever seen.. I always thought only shaved girls could have toe, but she sure as hell proved me wrong!On the way home I could already smell her, and the thought that i would be eating that pussy gave me a throbbing hard on..She asked me again if I was sure that she shouldn't shower, and I assured her that it was ok, and that she smelled wonderful..She smiled at me.. : "you are too sweet, I think I love you!" she saidAnd i knew. I have not been perfectly honest with you. We have a very dangerous situation facing us and I hope that the Pharaoh will ask for your help. And, once he does, I hope that you will accept."OK, enough stalling around. Let's go in, but we will not grovel, and we will not be ignored more than a very few minutes. I don't care what the normal practice is, we have our pride, too, and you people appear to need us a lot more than we need you."Uphotep breathed a sigh of relief and resumed leading us down. " I moan, undoing his belt buckle to be able to massage his throbbing and heated erection. Slowly, I stroke his throbbing member. With each stroke, pre-cum is spread from tip to base. His heated mouth latches onto my breast and I immediately cry out. My free hand clings to him, my body arches towards him, and I wrap my legs around his waist molding our bodies together. Stewart’s bare hands effortlessly lift my bottom up and remove the remnants of my underwear. Leaving me bare. He pauses taking.

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