Lovely Indian Lover Dancer

As the thought crossed her mind, she was surprised by the sound of something clatter. Jumping up, she looked around, seeing no one. Then another clatt...r, and her eyes shot straight for the lifeguard station. The door had opened and closed, and one of the lifeguards had stepped outside onto the small terrace.It was still at least thirty yards away, but Robin brought her glasses back onto her face, and tried to make out who it was. It wasn’t a ‘Baywatch’-style bimbo, or the burly, muscled hunk. Then glories of glories the demon revealed its true form. If there had been any doubt that this was a creature of pure evil, then it has now been completely vanquished. The true face of this monster rose up out of it like the very fires of Hell. It's clothing turned to ash and it's demonic form reasserted its dominance over the usual camouflage. Five nearly had a fit having to cross herself repeatedly. I had to take over the operation of the video camera for a while. I could understand her. “Yes Miss Steel, that’s right. Next time I’ll replace this…” his finger nudged the plug again, making me quiver, “with my cock.” My answering moan left no illusion to how incredibly arousing I found that thought. Then he stood, telling me I could let go of my ass-cheeks before giving my rump one hard slap, and that was it. One single smarting smack on my ass and then nothing. Just the instruction to pull up my panties, and get back to work, not even requesting a blowjob, like the one I’d so. I licked my lips at him and pointed to my open mouth. He nodded and shifted forward again, then started to jerk wildly as he shot his second load. The first of it hit the chair in front of him, then some hit my cheek, then I lost track as I closed my eyes (semen burns the eyes boys!). I felt some land in my mouth and more onto my face. When I didn’t feel any more landing on me I opened my eyes and he was indeed done as he was tucking it away. I sat up, my hair sticking to the floor making it a.

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