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Your machine is like a miracle. The relief was much swifter and complete this time. More so than ever before. I may be able to go longer between treat...ents.”“Well, if that doesn’t beat the Dutch!” Dick said, very enthralled with the device. “Thank you, Victor, for such an impressive demonstration!”“You’re most welcome,” Victor replied.Upon leaving Linville, Dick Connors turned his carriage west, instead of east, and headed to Westwood.Meanwhile, Valeria Martin was struggling to not touch. God yes, I do. Fuck me, fuck me," she moaned. Her begging was making me so hot that I quickly gave in. I forced myself to move into her very slowly, at the same time I pulled away from the kiss so I could look down and see myself entering her in the glare of the headlights. She was watching too, mesmerized by my slow thrusts into her with just my cockhead, head-fucking her. Dropping multiple kisses on her lips, I teasingly pulled away before she had a chance to return them. Slowly I pushed her. I was guaranteeing Marissa and Alba slots either with with Daniel or me. Daniel let go of Marissa. She moved to stand between her friends and us."I'll think about it," he told me. "Ladies, if I have to pick a concubine, it's time for serious test-drives and not joyrides."I laughed when the cheerleaders pushed Marissa out of the way. Turning around, I headed to my typing class.The cheerleaders proved that candidates had power. A majority of sponsors at the school were teenage males and could be. Looking at herself in the mirror, Nikki smiled at the reflected image.Across from her, her smooth young face had been replaced with the male,angled features of her attacker. "I'm going to enjoy being NikkiSellers."Turning on her heel, the possessed cheerleader headed on out of therestroom. Looking down at the stirring, moaning form of Mrs. Crandle,"Nikki" walked by. "Thanks for the ride Paula, but I decided to tradeup! I can't pass up a newer model, with all the bells and whistles!"Nikki's.

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