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The fact that we would be able to do so would also help us to shape the nature the future direction would take. With Lucy and me at university for two and a half years, each of the couples in this relationship would have more than enough time to themselves.Dave also had arrangements to make since he would be moving into the castle. This meant that he had to ferry his things from his house to the room he would be sharing with my mum. He also had to move his office to a room there rather. Day 3:Nothing special. I just laid the foundation and mentioned that I was also single. I narrowed my target only to Raja, as he was showing great interest in me. Sudeep's english was not good, so I decided to go ahead with Raja.Day 4:I asked for change of timing from morning to evening as there will be less number of people and also female trainer will not come in the evening. I asked Raja to be my trainer.Day 5:I went at 7:30PM, and decided to change the gear. I had brought a new out fit. .." Daddyy nodded his head understanding the task required of him as he kept on sucking Unckle's dick. Then, Unclle Jim moaned loudly as he said, "Ohh... Uhhh!... Uhh! Shit, I'm cumming! Ohh yeah, drink it all Carl. Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uuhhh! Ohhh fuck!... Ohh Yeah... Uhhh... Uhhh..." I watched Daddyy eagerly drinking the stuff that came out from Unclle's dick and I was a little grossed out for a second. But I kept on watching as I saw Unclle Jim pulled his spent cock out from Dadd's mouth. I noticed. When I started licking around the head, I felt Chris’ hand on the back of my head. “Mm you look real good down there, Dani” Chris was smiling at me and stroking my hair. “You’ve got your ass stuck right out and it looks so hot in that thong.” I couldn’t help smiling at the thought of my ass turning him on! I wrapped my lips around the top of his cock and started to slide down, I wanted to make him feel good, I wanted to please him. His cock was too big for my first time though, and I was.

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