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It was pretty hot so our bodies were pretty sweaty so it felt so good to hug her half naked She wrapped her legs around my waist and I pushed her to t...e wall and kissed her. She started to push her hips forward. So did I. I kissed her neck and her ear. Licked her chest and her nipples. I could see it in her face that even she was horny. I kissed her stomach and she pulled in and smiled. I kissed it when more and pulled her shorts down while she pulled my pants down We smiled at each other and. 'See mummies little bum', she said with a different tone in her voice, and as she said it she run her index finger along her crack.'You bald', I asked her casually, noting her bikini line to be devoid of hair, mind you as girls we were never hairy as ours were true blond and whispy, if you guys reading this need proof, look at my photos, download a few and zoom right in, or email me and I shall send some younger ones if you like jacking off to girls that age, or send my yours.'I was waxed the. " Trouble?" said Bruce."Big time," she replied, holding up the morning newspaper she had beencarrying. The headline read:BATMAN FOILS JEWEL HEIST. CATWOMAN IN CUSTODY."Someone is masquerading as us," she said, "and we need to do somethingabout it. And I've never had boobs as big as the 'Catwoman' in thatphoto. God, they're like melons!" "We've got bigger trouble than you know," said Bruce, pointing to asmaller news item.Selina read it and frowned."I don't understand," she said. "How could Bruce. I moved my lund in and out of her chut making slow progress. Her choot was very tight but it was a great feeling and i was enjoying each and every moment of the fuck…….. …i continued the to and fro motion. Neha started to feel the pleasure coming over her and started to moan ushhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh the moans were making me more hot and i started to push in and out more harder and in a rhythmic motion more harder…… …I gathered her firmly in my arms, putting my head down I pushed more into her.

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