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Pulling Dan and his friend either side of me I guided their hands over my body once more, whispering.'Touch me again, make me cum harder'.They kissed ...nd nibbled my neck, hands gently cupping my breasts, fingers caressing my nipples and I whispered to them to unfasten my blouse, to play with me through my bra. They quickly unbuttoned me, both using their fingers and mouths in turn, to tease my sensitive nipples through the thin lacy material of my bra.I was wearing a half cut balconette so my. To his surprise they both stop. He expects them to linger and maybe tease him a little bit, instead they lie next to each other with their beautiful cunts staring right at him. “You two must be mind readers,” he growls.“No,” Riley says, stealing a quick look at her co-worker. “We just know what we want.”“So it’s like that, is it?” he asks, grinning while slipping between Riley’s legs first.“It is,” she says, giggling.Riley is already wet and glistening, which is to be expected with the girls’. It sounded like something moving outside my door. I opened my eyes and over at my door. It was open. Just a little crack, but it was totally open! * June 6th Dear Journal, Scorcher today. Decided to try out the pool finally. It’s blocked from the street by the house on one side, and trees on the other three, giving it a nice secluded feel. Dressed in my trunks and with a towel draped over my shoulder I stepped off the patio, eyeing the cool blue water greedily. “Good morning honey,” I heard. I pushed him off again and scolded him but it didn’t seem to make any difference to him. Before I finished with the sprinkler, I must have pushed him away at least 20 times. I don’t know why I didn’t get mad at him but I realized he was actually making me horny even though my husband had pumped me full of his cum just that morning before he left. During a few of his attempts I had felt his bony cock stab the back of my leg a few times and even against my covered pussy 2 or 3 times.Finally.

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