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You're just too hot ... and not just in the pretty low-cut tank top and short-shorts sort of way either!" She is!" The Foole remarked, laughing, "Did ...ou know that she doesn't have a single sun-tan line? Anywhere! And isn't particular shy about showing it either!" Some folks, especially certain rat-fingered sneaky skulking bastards, get to have all of the fun!" DeeDee growled, sneaking a peek at my shorts and extremely tanned legs. "I don't suppose you could talk her into just leaving town?. After dinner Annette pushed back her chair. "Well, I don't know about you, Lou, but as we've done all the work so far I reckon these two can clear up and make some coffee." Good thinking," replied Louise standing up. "We'll be in the sitting room."Harry winked at Peter. "I don't know," he said shaking his head. "The guests do the washing up while our hosts go off and loll about."Annette patted his cheek. "We're thinking of you really, darling," she said. "We're leaving you in peace to discuss. She gets to her feet and bows her head once more. I haven't asked for this but, if she thinks it is the right thing to do, it probably helps. Especially if it helps her to see herself in her new position.I almost said 'role' there, but it's not a role, not something she's playing at. Not something she can put on and take off like an actress. Vyera is a slave. That's what she has to understand. But how far has she really understood and accepted that and how can I help her to see the truth of the. It had to be gaping wider than ever before – maybe two and a half inches. I was pleased with that, and I moved in to take John's place. Mine was the fifth cock in her ass so far, and she felt more open, wet and relaxed than I'd ever known her anal passage before. I loved it. This is how I wanted her. Could she take even more cocks in her ass, even bigger cocks? Maybe we'd find out at the Maddison's party. But right now I was just relishing the feeling of total freedom I had in burying my cock.

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